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I love KDramas! I love them to the point of no return! I eat, breathe, and dream KDramas. I'm basically an Usui Takumi of KDramas. (Kaichou Wa Maid Sama) 

But what I think is better than KDramas, is the BOYS in KDrama's...  As my comrades know, every time I develop a "drama-crush" on an actor, I basically talk about them until I find a new one. I'm a weirdo, my apologizes. As a side note, I think I'm not attracted to the normal people I see, because my standards have been warped to the guys in the dramas. Do any of you guys relate?

So recently I've been watching this drama called "Descendants of the Sun", is basically about the  Korean Special Forces Captain (Song Joon Ki), who is sent to work on a military base in Uruk. But before he's deployed, he falls in love with an ER Surgeon (Song Hye Kyo, who I love!). You could say he's a bit of jerk to her. They can never finish their dates because he's always called out on a mission. Eventually they break up, but they meet 8 months later in Uruk. Where Joon Ki is ordered on a peace keeping mission, and Hye Kyo is sent as part of the medical team at the base. That's where the love story continues. <3

Funny, only 4 episodes have been release so far. Definitely need to watch this.

SONG JOON KI has been in a lot of great shows. He was in the original "Running Man" cast. Also in "Sungkyunwan Scandal" and "Innocent Man". Both which he gained a lot of recognition from. 

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Thank you for existing, Song Joon Ki

<3 NotYourBlendedFruit


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RWBY Volume 3: Review

Yo! YanderePanda here!

As a lot of you RWBY fans know, Volume 3 ended a few weeks ago with it's rather... Tear-jerking, heart-bursting, feelzy, dark-inducing, OTP-ship-breaking, Trollsterteeth-trolling finale. Volume 3 was clearly the best out of all the other volumes so far in terms of quality, transition to a darker story, story, animation, voice acting, etc! So without further ado, here is the review! *opens up the RWBY OST Playlist on Youtube

First off, we gotta summarize the episodes!

Episode Summaries

So Episode 1 was pretty light-hearted, much like the past few volumes. The action, the humor, etc. When I first saw Episode 1, I was pretty impressed by the change in quality of the animation- it was very much improved and you can definitely see the progression as Volumes continued on.

Volume 3 starts with the Vytal Festival Tournament thingie, where huntresses/hunters in training from all four kingdoms in Remnant participate in matches against each other. The first rounds are fought in teams, then doubles, and then singles, until one winner remains. The Vytal Festival stuff was kinda built up from the earlier seasons, as it was mentioned in Volume 1and 2 a few times and here we finally get to see it happen. There's RWBY's first match in the tournament in this episode, Ruby mentioning that she still wondered why Ozpin let her into Beacon two years early (I CALLED THE FORESHADOWING, PEOPLE!), and Weiss notably ignoring a call from her father. (MORE FORESHADOWING!) We also get some more of Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald doing rather suspicious things. Still don't know what they plan to do, but it ain't pretty.

Episode 2 showed our beloved team JNPR out there participating in their first matches... And... My Arkos ship STILL wasn't SAILING! I vowed to make sure those two ended up together by the end of this Volume... And yeah... I mean, Roosterteeth even ACKNOWLEDGED the ship names for JauneXPyrrha and RenXNora! We also got a first glimpse of Sun's full team, Team SSSN. An interesting match, followed by a BlakeXSun moment! Nice, nice! We also got to see Qrow Branwen, Yang and Ruby's Uncle for the first time, sittin in a bar, drinking and watching dem matches and we also saw a giant Atlas Ship heading towards the stadium. And this ultimately built up into Episode 3, where we got to see Weiss's big sis, Winter for the first time.
Bada$$ or Tsundere? 10/10 get this wrong.
So Weiss and Ruby meet up with Winter Schnee, who appears to have a rather high position in the Atlas military, as all of these Atlas Troops and whatnot have been arriving in Vale for added security for the Vytal Festival... Apparently. Moving on, Qrow appears, drunk. He mocks Atlas and their military and then starts a fight with Winter and we get a pretty cool fight going on. Qrow is my new fave male character, just Super Saiyan. He's childish one moment, this bada$$ Uncle the next. Pretty awesomesauce if you ask me. Anyway, fight gets stopped by General Ironwood, leader of Atlas Military, and we get Qrow, Ozpin, Ironwood, and Glynda all together, discussing some shady stuff. This group is pretty much known as "Oz's Inner Circle", cuz ya know. Wizard of Oz. Qrow was revealed to be on a some kinda mission, revealing that the person who infiltrated Beacon a Volume ago (Cinder in the Dance Episode) is responsible for more shady stuff going on. Basically, they're just trying to figure out what to do with threats that are rising and are trying to figure out what to do. Also, there's some issue with all of the Atlas people everywhere, which could spread concern and fear among the population, as Grimm monsters are attracted to negative emotions. Ozpin then mentions that they need to get a "Guardian" to protect the place... Meanwhile, we see Cinder and her posse again, mentioning how the people don't know their identities so they can continue with their plans and that infiltrating the CCT tower in the Dance Episode allows her to rig the matches in the Vytal Festival Tournament. Sketchy. Episode ends with Emerald and Mercury vs. the two people from Team CFVY. This clearly isn't going to be good.

Episode 4, we see CFVY badly destroyed by Emerald and Mercury, simply because of Emerald's illusions. Sigh. Anyway, we get some Winter and Weiss bonding and find out about the Schnee Semblance, and how their's is hereditary, unlike most of them. Along with the Glyphs, they can also summon, and Weiss has trouble with this, but it hints so much more about what she is capable of. As Winter is about to leave, she tells Weiss about dealing with relations with their father, as Winter had problems with him when she joined the military and Weiss yet again rejects a call from him, as Winter told her about either relying on him for support or taking her own path. FORESHADOWING! SUMMONING! DADDY ISSUES! FORESHADOWING!
We get some cute Uncle and Nieces bonding time with Qrow and Yang and Ruby! The girls mention how they were proud of taking down Roman Torchwick, but Qrow is suspicious about how crime and violence in Vale stopped and how it's clearly not over yet. He also tells them that they have a lot to learn before being Huntresses, and this just shows how awesome he is- he's this snarky, childish guy, but also shows how he's a true warrior.

Onward to Episode 5, we get Ruby interacting with Penny, who just won her match! Even though Penny's a robot, Ironwood has her fighting still... Which was interesting... Anyway, we also get Yang and Weiss vs. the two people from Team FNKY: Neon Katt and Flynt Coal. This fight was actually quite interesting, with the opponents' semblances being interesting. Flynt uses a friggin trumpet as a weapon and quadruples himself, while Neon just rollerblades her way through and attacks with glowsticks. They pretty much have the upperhand against Yang and Weiss and Weiss even knocks herself out in an attempt to take down Flynt, but this fails and it's pretty much just Yang soloing against those two. Also, Neon kept taunting Yang, making her angry, which further hindered her, but once Weiss was taken out, Yang's Semblance activated. Now this is where I kinda had issues with the fight. Like usual, Yang takes advantage of her Semblance and her anger to take down her opponent, with her insanely powerful abilities that allowed her to pretty much take down both of them in an instant. Now granted, I get that Yang kinda used a strategy by causing the terrain to get all bumpy which would throw Neon off course, but still. It didn't make much sense to me as how she just won the fight just because of her semblance at that point and ONLY that point. As much as I love Yang, it was an issue I had with her- the Semblance being used as plot armor. The Episode ends with Cinder rigging matches again, after finding out about Penny... It also ends with Ozpin's gang talking about the Guardian and Ozpin states that he has found her... And then Pyrrha appears, about to enter his office.
Do I look like a "showerbag" to you?
Episode 6 is pretty much a concept-explaining episode. Pyrrha meets with Ozpin and his squad and they talk about fairytales, with Ozpin talking about the "Story of the Seasons" about an old hermit being a wizard being visited by four sisters that were kind to him. In return for their kindness, he granted them powers that represented the Four Seasons, allowing them to spread their gifts throughout Remnant. Turns out the story was true and the powers exist in the Four Maidens, wielding a power that is stronger than Dust and Semblances. Personally, I think Ozpin is the Wizard from the story, as he mentioned in Volume 1 to Ruby that he "made more mistakes than anyone else" and since he's based off the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz, it made sense to me. Anyway, they mention that the powers are passed down to people as they die. Maidens have existed forever and powers transfer to a new host once they pass on and they pass onto the last person the Maiden thinks of before death. If they're male, too old, etc, it's given to someone at random. Maiden's existence used to be common knowledge, but people tried to hunt them down and that's why it's a secret these days. Ozpin's Squad is pretty much there to protect the power and keep it a secret and there's a great urgency to get the next Maiden. The previous Fall Maiden, Amber was attacked a while ago and part of her powers were stolen and she's now in a comatose state, held inside Beacon's vault. And there's fear regarding the rest of Amber's power and whether or not the rest of it will go to the person who stole it in the first place. Basically, situations are tough and consequences are unknown. They want Pyrrha to be the next Fall Maiden and the Guardian, by transferring Amber's power to Pyrrha through Atlesian Technology, but they don't know what will happen since the process is not natural. Ozpin gives Pyrrha a choice and she has until the end of the tournament to decide.
Later on, we see the finalists for the Singles Matches. First match is Yang vs. Mercury. As predicted, Yang wins, despite being weak to kick-based combat, but again, the Semblance grants her the win. Though I've seen some people complain about this, I think Mercury purposely threw the match in order to do what he did next. He and Emerald made it look like he attacked Yang after the match, prompting Yang to strike him and break his leg, but the audience only saw what Yang did, thus getting Yang into big trouble with the security and her peers. Episode ends here.
More Jessica voice acting... *rolls eyes
Episode 7 is basically a filler episode and when things start getting dark. Like forreal. It basically explains Cinder's activities and it starts with her speaking to someone and wishing to be strong and feared, but it's not shown who she's talking to. It also shows how Cinder was able to get Emerald on her side, as she was a jewel thief at the time who could use Illusions. Then they get Mercury on their side, after he kills his own father, who was an assassin with some booze problem. After getting Torchwick, Cinder then tries to get Adam and the White Fang to join her, who denies her offer at first, refusing to work for a human cause. Sometime after, Cinder and her posse go attack Amber and she is able to steal some of her powers using some spider-like thing and a glove. Fortunately, Qrow appears and rescues Amber, and Cinder is only able to get a fraction of the Maiden's powers. Emerald is able to blur their faces and they escape. Cinder returns to the White Fang's area and murders a decent amount of Adam's men and bribes him to join her with money and whatnot and he agrees. Episode then flashes towards Present Day, where Mercury still is "injured" with a "broken leg" and Cinder and the crew are disguised as paramedics and take him away, while Yang is surrounded by Atlas troops. And it's shown that Merc has robotic legs and easily repairs them and they move on with their plan. Meanwhile, Yang's attack is shown everywhere on the news and the general public is angered, blaming Ozpin and Beacon, and the negativity arouses the Grimm outside of Vale.

Oh boy, and Episode 9 isn't exactly a picnic either. Yang is disqualified from the tournament and people in general don't believe Yang when she states that she's innocent. Ruby and Weiss believe her, but Blake is a bit skeptic, because of her and Adam in the past and how he gradually became a monster due to similar events, but eventually believes her. Bumblebee! Wooh! Yang decides to rest up in her room and the rest of RWBY counts on Pyrrha to win the next match for Beacon and although our favorite redhead agrees to this, she clearly is troubled deep down because of the Maiden Stuff. Ruby goes to watch the other matches and Weiss and Blake go out for tea. Ren and Nora try to prep up Pyrrha, but Jaune is aware that Pyrrha is upset over something . I SMELLED ARKOS HERE.
Meanwhile, Qrow appears beside Yang and basically tells her to move on and mishaps happen. Then a discussion happens about Yang's mother, as she mentions seeing her, when she saved her from Neo in Volume 2. Qrow turns out to be in contact with Raven for a while and passes on a message from her, stating that Raven saved Yang once, but will not do so the next time. He states that she's dangerous and has a worldview that he doesn't agree with, but offers to help her find her.
And then we are back to Pyrrha's end. She's clearly still down about her fate and the decision she makes and Jaune comes to comfort her, as she was the one who had faith in him from the start and he will do the same for her. THEN WE GET SOME AWESOME ARKOS SHIP MOMENT!
Unfortunately, Pyrrha still has to choose between what she is destined to do and what she wants to do. She doesn't know what the Maiden's power would do to her, she wants to continue to help protect the world, but she doesn't know what it will cost her. It's very understandable.
In the last parts of the episode, Ruby runs into Velvet, who is notably taking pictures with her special camera that was seen in Volume 2. Heh... Heh... Anyway, she mentions how Coco had to deal with weird hallucinations and this arouses Ruby's suspicions. Ruby then goes to see the next match and she spots Emerald in the audience, which is very suspicious, since it was made clear to everyone that Cinder's group left to tend to Mercury and she leaves the stands and runs into Merc himself, who is in perfect condition. He is about to attack and she doesn't have her weapon with her, sadly. At that moment, Penny and Pyrrha are about to fight and Mercury points out that Pyrrha's polarity would be destructive against Penny's robotic state. SCREW YOU, CINDER! 

Episode 9 is quite the rollercoaster. Penny v. Pyrrha starts and the two are pretty evenly matched. The fight was pretty enjoyable to watch... Well, until the Illusion part -_- Anyway, we also have Mercury attacking Ruby at the same time, and since Ruby doesn't have her scythe and since Mercury destroyed her scroll, she can't call for help, so she can only try to run away. Back at the Arena, Penny is attacking Pyrrha and she uses her Polarity on the defensive. Emerald makes it look like Penny has bazillion swords that are about to hit Pyrrha and she acts more on the defensive, using a very powerful pulse of magnetic force, deflecting the swords and somehow having Penny's wires latch onto herself and cut straight through her, cutting herself into various parts, showing that she's a robot, much to Pyrrha's horror, as she is now gone. Everyone is shocked, Ozpin, audience, etc. Ruby arrives at this time and sees Penny destroyed... :( Cinder hijacks the broadcast, and blames all the stuff that happened from Yang's match to this one on the headmasters and also mentions how corrupt the schools are and that Atlas and Vale are hostile, bringing up more nonsense about how the kingdoms are at the brink of war and the people don't know about this. People respond negatively to this and the emotion draws all the Grimm in and giant Grimm are attacking the city and destroying everything. Ozpin's crew heads out to defend the place, while even more Grimm overwhelm the area. Meanwhile, Torchwick is freed and Adam and the White Fang appear, attacking Beacon.

Episode 10 continues the suspense. RWBY is split up, with Weiss and Blake heading out from the cafe thingy and Yang is still in her room. White Fang are releasing Grimm into the school and the two decide to head back to Beacon to help Yang, getting their weapons from their rocket lockers. (was pretty cool.) Ruby and Pyrrha are still in a state of shock after Penny's death and you can see Pyrrha's mental stability decreasing to the extremes, as she's frozen with the trauma. A giant Nevermore Grimm is up above, about to get into the Arena and breaks through the barriers to attack Pyrrha. Fortunately, Ruby, rest of JNPR, and the other teams appear to take down the Nevermore. Everyone decides to work together to take down the Grimm and stop the madness, while civilians are evacuating. Ironwood is busy fending off the place with his troops and he meets with the students, who decide to stay to defend the area. Torchwick is being a duncehead and messes with the Atlas Robots to turn them against the good guys, on this giant Atlas Ariship. Ruby sees this and goes all Chuck Norris, using a rocket locker to throw herself onto the ship to take down Torchwick. Weiss and Blake are still at Beacon, taking down White Fang forces, Grimm, and Atlas Robots. Other students join them and Blake splits off from the group to take down more people. Blake finds herself reunited with Adam, who is sadistically destroying everything. I CALLED IT. I TELL YOU. I CALLED IT. Cinder is watching the world burn as Mercury is filming everything and broadcasting it. An enormous Grimm Dragon Behemoth thing erupts from a mountain and heads towards the city. Ozpin is alone at the end of the episode, and appears outside, where Pyrrha is and she leaves JNPR to join him and then Cinder is there in the background... S***
Ah yes, the gamechanging episode for Ruby.
With Penny's death, this invasion of the city, etc, Ruby is clearly traumatized and we see her as more of a warrior than ever before. She's no longer that cute child with the scythe. She means business now. In Episode 11, she's busy fighting both Neo and Torchwick on the giant airship. Which was good, considering the fact that Ruby never got any proper fights against special enemies until now and I have been waiting for this Ruby development since Volume 1! I CALLED IT AGAIN! RUBY DEVELOPMENT! She puts up a good fight against them, but technically there aren't any winners to this fight. Torchwick states that he cannot stop what's happening, so he just joins the winning side of the conflict- aka Cinder's group.  Ruby is able to send Neo flying off into the wind by LITERALLY THROWING HER OFF the ship. That part kinda suprised me, because she did it so quickly and ruthlessly, and she didn't seem like that 15 year old child.  Then Roman gets eaten by a Griffon Grimm, after trying to beat up Ruby. She quickly grabs onto Crescent Rose to jump off the ship and land safely by using her scythe as a "pogo-stick". 
At the Battle of Beacon, the students are clearly getting weakened by the excessive inflow of enemies. At this point, Coco tells Velvet to use her weapon- the camera that we've been seeing multiple times. EVERYONE was busy trying to figure out what the heck this camera does and NOW we know! Velvet is able to create light copies of the weapons she's taken pictures of and use them against her enemies! Replicating the exact fighting styles of those replicated! And she is able to take down these giant robot Paladin things! She's eventually overwhelmed, but Weiss saves the day by being able to summon an arm of a suit of armor wielding a sword, to take down the last Paladin! This scene gave me the chills with the "I May Fall" playing in the background! HYPE!
We see Glynda and Qrow taking down enemies as well and Ironwood joins them, revealing his half-cybernetic body. And WE SEE QROW'S SCYTHE! WOOOOH!!!! I LOVE YOU QROW!

We finally see Blake and Adam again and he calls her creepy things like "my darling" and "my love"... And idk, I thought it was kinda disturbing, because it made him sound like an abusive molester. I mean you can tell that he was abusive, by the way Blake was so afraid of him. He calls her a coward and taunts her about running away, attacking a fallen student, prompting Blake to jump out to fight him, but is easily overwhelmed. THIS GUY IS OP! He promises to make her suffer for leaving him and the White Fang by destroying everything she loves, after seeing Yang come out, calling for Blake, as she was seen earlier trying to find her. Adam stabs Blake in the lower abdomen area- a not vital part of the body, but still enough to anger Yang. Yang is enraged and goes HAM, clearly the angriest we've ever seen her. Adam retaliates and cuts Yang's right arm off and before he can finish her, Blake shields her. Adam slices Blake's head off, but then it's shown that it's one of Blake's clones, and she manages to get her and Yang out to safety. Honestly, I was at the edge of my bed when I saw this happen. I was like "WHAT THE HECK!" I was pretty shocked and I almost lost it when Blake's head got cut off and I was in denial, and was so relieved to see that it was just a clone. Meanwhile, Jaune, Pyrrha, and Ozpin go down to the vault, where Oz will transfer Amber's powers to Pyrrha, but it fails when Cinder appears, shooting an arrow towards Amber, killing her and absorbing the rest of the power. Oz tells Jaune and Pyrrha to run while he plans on fighting her and we see Cinder showing hatred towards Oz, saying "She was right about you all along"... And uh... It doesn't get much lighter from there.

So we get like a thirty second fight between Oz and Cinder in the beginning of the finale. It's pretty cool, all DBZ and whatnot... And then the fight just kinda stops. Scene shifts to where the students are. Thankfully Oobleck and Port are still alive! And I knew they would be! Ruby is reunited with Weiss and the others, but Pyrhha (:() and Jaune are still gone! Our poor heroine then sees Nora and Ren exhausted, and then Yang lying on the ground next to Blake, with her arm gone. It's up to Ruby and Weiss to save the day! The giant dragon Grimm thingie has become a threat and even the White Fang and the other enemies retreated. However, Cinder is still around. 
WE GET ARKOS INTO THE NEXT SCENE. They see Cinder arrive at the top of Beacon Tower, with Ozpin MIA. And since even Ozpin is gone, Pyrrha pretty much has no choice but to be the last resort to try to stop Cinder, since she WAS the best candidate for the Fall Maiden powers. Our poor Jaune realizes what's going on and tries to convince Pyrrha not to go fight Cinder, but...
AHHHHH! THE SHIP HAS SAILED! But not for long. S/O to Trollsterteeth
Then our favorite redhead shoves Jaune into that rocket locker thing and sends him away. Quite touching, isn't it? Reminds y'all of Volume 1 when Cardin shoved Jaune into the rocket locker and launched him away. Jaune tearfully tries to call Ruby and Weiss to go after Pyrrha... Because it's pretty clear at this point how the fight will end...
Cinder somehow is able to communicate with the Grimm Dragon Behemoth thing and at that point, Pyrrha arrives at the Tower to fight her. The fight is actually quite enjoyable to watch, being... Pyrrha's last fight and all. Pyrrha clearly puts up a good fight, I mean for someone fighting the Fall Maiden, I thought it was a close fight. Cinder is able to overpower her however, and manages to shoot an arrow into her heel. Great Achilles reference there, since Pyrrha is based off that hero with the weakness in the heel. Ruby at that time, is able to get on top of the tower, thanks to Weiss's glyphs! Reference to Volume 1 against the Nevermore! Before she gets up there, Pyrrha is clearly a goner. She notably asks Cinder "Do you believe in Destiny?"... It was a pretty touching and emotional scene tbh. I probably would've gotten emotional, if I hadn't seen the spoilers earlier from Facebook Comments and the RWBY Spoilers Thread on the Wikia. After that, Cinder fires an arrow into her heart, and Ruby comes up at this point. Pyrrha disintegrates into ashes... And our poor Ruby, who had to deal with Penny dying, Vale being attacked by Grimm and other monsters, her friends being injured, Yang being dismembered, etc, now has to deal with THIS. She goes to her breaking point and screams, allowing some binding white light to come from her eyes, which envelopes the whole area, causing Cinder to lose her $@#!.

The scene just kinda fades from there, and Qrow's voice is heard in the background. Ruby wakes up in her bed back at home, sometime later. Her father, Tai Yang is seen in person for the first time (Technically). The CCT is gone, so all communications with the outside world are gone and Oz is still MIA. Tai Yang reveals that Ruby was able to freeze the dragon, but it's still alive and has attracted waves of Grimm, so the place is inhabitable. At that moment, Qrow comes in and asks to speak with Ruby alone... And when Tai Yang reluctantly agrees, he kinda gives Qrow this weird side-eye.
Seriously, what has been going on between these two??? They're teammates and in-laws!
Idk, it was quite a cold look honestly. Maybe Tai is just disapproving of what Qrow is about to tell Ruby. And ENOUGH of the theories where Qrow is Ruby's actual father! Sheesh! Qrow tells Ruby that she's special and has the silver eyes from her mother. It's very rare and it's said in legends that the Grimm feared the silver-eyed warriors and that they were destined to lead. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS UP! Qrow also pointed out that Ozpin mentioned the Silver Eyes when he first met Ruby. And THAT'S WHY HE LET HER INTO BEACON TWO YEARS EARLY! SILVER EYES! However, there's obviously a lot more to it. He mentions that he's been investigating the enemy under Oz's orders, but with Oz MIA, he has to continue Oz's work. He sneakily mentions that his findings led him to the Haven kingdom, before leaving. 
Ruby visits Yang in another room... Which is strange. Because in Ruby's room, there were two beds- a red one and a yellow one, with Ruby in the red one. I assumed that Yang's bed was the yellow, so it clearly seemed like Yang was staying in a spare bedroom or something. As if she wanted to be away from Ruby.
You can tell the poor girl is broken, after everything that happened.
After the loss of her arm, Pyrrha, Penny, and the school, Yang's condition is understandable. You can tell that she's clearly depressed and down. She mentions to Ruby that Weiss left for Atlas, because her father came to bring her back. I KNEW HER FATHER WOULD HAVE SOME ROLE AT SOME POINT! And that Blake ran away after the battle. She's clearly very upset about her partner leaving like that without a word and claims she doesn't care, that bad things happen, and that she wants to be left alone. She even ignores our poor, sweet Ruby when she says she loves her. This honestly was one of the most heartbreaking parts of the episode. Seeing Yang broken like this bites. She's getting the Korra treatment. She's going to change, and finally get the development her character needs. Not gonna lie, I like this change to Yang's character. I hope she can understand from this point on, that she has to be more careful about her fights. She always just went in and relied on her Semblance for easy wins, and now... She lost an arm. Perhaps Yang will be more careful and strategic once she starts fighting again- which will definitely happen. Robotic arms are possible, and she could be even more powerful with one! I want to see the characters at their breaking point, to see what they will do, how they will develop and move on, etc. First it was the disqualification, and now this. 
And for all of you hating on Blake because she ran away, it's not like she had any other choice! Blake HAS NOBODY! Weiss has her father and Winter. Yang and Ruby have Qrow and their father. BLAKE DOESN'T HAVE ANYONE! Her school is gone and she's not part of the White Fang. All she can do is run away for now. Adam promised to her that she would destroy everything she loved. So far he cut off Yang's arm, and Blake blames herself for it. If she stuck around them anymore, there would be even more severe consequences. Honestly, I think Blake has it the worst as of now. 

Moving on, some time passes and it's winter. Ruby steps out of her house to join team JNR and the four go to Haven, as Qrow hinted that place. We see Yang still bed-ridden, Weiss on some plane with her father, and Blake out on the rooftops of Vale alone. Ruby stops by her mother's grave on the way.

Meanwhile, we see some sort of Underworld area, as the lady who narrated the first episode appears once again, talking about heroes and destroying mankind by dividing and depriving them of hope. She invites the MIA Ozpin to send his huntresses and huntsmen and Guardians and his "Simple Soul" and she promises to destroy them all. 
Kinda terrifying if you ask me. Your future mother-in-law
So her name is Salem, most likely after the Salem Witch Trials. In the Post-Credits Scene, Qrow is there, holding onto Ozpin's Cane, watching over team JRRN, transforming into a crow and flying towards them. MAYBE THAT'S HOW QROW KNEW ABOUT OZPIN MEETING RUBY WITH THE SILVER EYES COMMENT. HE WAS THERE ALL ALONG. Ozpin being the Wizard is still a theory in my book and I still believe it is true. He and Salem have existed since the beginning of mankind and have engaged in a never-ending battle between Grimm and humans. I'm still curious about the silver-eyes thing. I wonder what the full extent of their powers are and what exactly happened to Summer Rose. And it's pretty cool how the narrator turned out to be the antagonist.


We now know who Cinder's Boss is. Though I thought it would be Raven Branwen at first. Part of me thinks Raven will be a villain eventually and Yang will have to deal with her, since Qrow called her "dangerous".  Was kinda disappointed to not hear much about her this Volume, but at least Yang got her development. Pyrrha is definitely gone now, since it was confirmed that she was intended to die from the start, given her namesake. I'm just worried about the rest of the protagonists. The White Fang still exists and RWBY is now split up officially. When's the next time they reunite? I hope they don't pull a Naruto and decide not to reunite them until like 500 chapters later. If Blake ends up at Mistral or something, we'd have one member of RWBY in each kingdom. Since JRRN is now in Haven, I wonder what they'd find. Sun and Neptune's school is there, and perhaps there are secrets with their headmaster. Maybe we will find out more about Ozpin, the Silver Eye thing, Salem, etc. And the White Fang is still and issue. Some point, Blake better get a rematch with him and DESTROY HIM FOR HURTING HER LOVER! 
Anyway, I'm psyched about Jaune and Ruby's growth. Maybe we will see Jaune's Semblance in Volume 4, and have it be meaningful. Ruby will continue to grow and mature, definitely and maybe we will find out if Summer Rose truly was the Summer Maiden or not. We don't know, and there wasn't anything said against it YET, so. We could also find out more about the other Maidens. There's just so much more questions that need to be answered now!


Overall, Volume 3 was the best volume of the series so far. It's been progressively getting better and better. I like how it started off goofy, light-hearted and whatnot and then transitioned into a darker series during the last half of Volume 3! I'm loving the growing character development with all the characters, the multiple concepts that have been added with new enemies, powers, etc! I used to think RWBY was kinda stereotypical Shounen with schools for fighting, teams, evil monsters, etc! But now, there's just so much more to it and I love how it's falling together! The voice acting, animation, soundtrack, and fight scenes were impressive as well! It's a huge improvement in terms of plot buildup too!
However, I still have some issues. For example, we still don't know Cinder's true motives. She's just a regular, cunning, sadistic villain with no true background just yet, and she's kinda one-dimensional as a villain in general. Some of the fights were a tad sub-par earlier on, in the tournament and I would've loved to see more Ozpin v. Cinder. I would definitely give this season a 9/10. It's not perfect, but it's definitely an improvement!

Smell ya later, guys!

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RWBY Volume 3: So Much Darker

Hello, everyone! YanderePanda here!

Alright, so Episode 9 of Volume 3 just came out yesterday for the Sponsors and for everyone else today. I just gotta say: HOLY FLYING POOP MONKEYS. In my last post about RWBY, I predicted that this Season would get so much darker, judging by the opening itself. There was so much buildup in the last few episodes, and this latest episode, Episode 9, is where the real crap is starting to happen. 

General Recap of Episodes 1-9

So Volume 3 starts with the Vytal Festival Tournament. It starts out relatively happy, like the first two volumes of the series. Happy carnivals and tournament matches to look forward to. So the tournament starts off with teams in the first round, then doubles, then single matches. We first see some of the other teams facing off against each other, along with RWBY.

We also see a few scenes here and there between episodes, with Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury up to stuff. Cinder was seen hijacking some of the matches and rigging the system, pitting specific people against each other. Emerald and Mercury are pitted up against this group of second years, Team CFVY.

Team CFVY ends up losing against Mercury and Emerald, and it's clear that something was rigged in the match: an illusion of some sort threw their team off base. Then we move onto the Singles matches, and we get Yang vs. Mercury. All goes well and Yang wins the match with her awesome Super Saiyanness.

However, after the match, Mercury attacks Yang and she defends herself by hitting his leg. Mercury is down on the ground, clearly pretty injured. And then, it's shown that the entire audience sees Yang just hitting Mercury, not Mercury trying to kick Yang first, making Yang look like the bad guy. She's disqualified from the tournament, and people have trouble believing her story, even Blake, her partner, and Qrow, her (Awesomesauceness) Uncle.
Before that, we got some other stuff going on behind the scenes. The story with the Seasonal Maidens. Basically, Headmaster Ozpin and his group call Pyrrha Nikos over (Yes, our poor girl who was badly friendzoned.) They talk to her about the Seasonal Maidens, these Four Maidens representing the four seasons, who were from an old fairytale. It's stated that each Maiden has a power and the power ends up passing down, a power that is stated to be very, very powerful. The powers of the Maidens pass from host to host upon the death of the current holder in a process that has been continuing for thousands of years. Under normal circumstances, the next Maiden, who is always a young woman, is the last person that the previous Maiden holds in her thoughts before she passes away. However, if the person in the dying Maiden's thoughts is male, too old, or not eligible to receive the power, the next host is chosen seemingly at random. This system apparently ensures that no one person can hold the power forever.
Ozpin and his group basically have Pyrrha come over to receive the Fall Maiden's power, as the current one is in some sort of comatose state. And to make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, they will transfer it over to Pyrrha. Since they cannot transfer the power by natural means, with the Fall Maiden being unconscious, they will use technology to do it, but the consequences are unknown. Pyrrha is in a huge crisis at this point, as she doesn't know what will happen and she doesn't want this kind of power in the first place, because she's already treated differently for her superior abilities and she doesn't like the treatment. She doesn't know if she's going to be the same anymore once she receives the powers.
Luckily, Jaune comforts her, knowing that she's upset, but doesn't quite know what's up. But we get some cute Arkos moment though :)
Before that, we get a flashback type of episode, that explains what happened with Cinder. Basically, it shows how Cinder recruited Emerald and Mercury, and we get some darker moments, with Mercury murdering his own father for unknown reasons. Cinder tries to get Adam, the White Fang leader to work with her, also. And then it shows Cinder stealing some of the Fall Maiden's power, in a rather gruesome way, using some kind of spider thing to extract some of her abilities. However, before she can do the whole thing, Qrow comes out of nowhere and saves the Fall Maiden, even though she's unconscious and stays that way up until the current events of the show. Now, since Qrow saw Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald at that time, and the fact that they were also there at the tournament, some have been wondering why Qrow didn't recognize them right away. Since Emerald can make illusions, I'm assuming that she blurred the faces so Qrow cannot recognize them. Anyway, Cinder then bribes Adam to help her with her motives with money, Dust, and by slaughtering a lot of his men. Though her motives are still not quite clear.
(BTW, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not quite going in order of the episodes, as I'm trying to tie up the loose ends and summarize things.)
So then we get an episode of what happened after Yang's match. (Going back to the part where I said, "Blake and Qrow don't believe her!".) Yang's upset and even though Weiss and Ruby believe her, Blake wants to, but still doesn't quite trust her. She explains that it's because she had someone close to her that turned bad and became corrupted, and she doesn't want Yang to go through the same thing. (The person close to her is presumed to be Adam Taurus.) Yang wants to be left alone, and then she speaks with Qrow, who talks about Yang's mother, after Yang mentions that she saw her. There's still not much revealed about Raven Branwen, just that she talks to Qrow sometimes and that she will not save Yang the next time something like what happened in Volume 2 would happen. And that she's dangerous and has different views of the world. So, she's not the world's greatest mama.
Meanwhile, everyone believes that Mercury is still injured and is staying with his family. However, as Ruby goes back to the Tournament to watch the matches, she stumbles upon him, who is clearly standing and walking just fine. At the same time, Pyrrha's match with Penny, the robot, starts...A very bad matchup... Since Pyrrha has Polarity, meaning she can control metal, and Penny is a robot... It's pretty clear that the match won't go well.

So Episode 9 starts... And Mercury attacks Ruby. Unfortunately, she doesn't have her scythe with her so she can't do anything. Basically Ruby spends the time trying to run away and defend herself from him. And the match with Penny and Pyrrha begins. It looks like a pretty even fight, with Penny pulling out her Orianna, type robot techniques (Any League people here?). And Pyrrha has her awesome fighting abilities. And then... Dun dun da dunnnn, Illusions start to happen.

So Emerald makes it look like Penny has this giant barrage of swords. Pyrrha uses her Polarity, and then... S*** happens. Let's just say... Penny gets torn apart... In pieces...

And then everyone is like "WTH just happened!" . People are booing, it's just like the time when Yang went up against Mercury. Another Beacon student is shown doing something and badly taking out the opponent. Cinder then appears, broadcasting herself. She points out the fact that Ozpin has so much more power over the General of the Military, General Ironwood, the Beacon students are corrupt, pointing out that the leaders of the kingdoms and their tyrranical rule. She manipulates the audience into believing that Ozpin and Ironwood are manipulating a**holes, turning them against each other, She states that the kingdoms are at the brink of war, and the citizens are unaware of everything. WHILE GRIMM ARE SHOWN TO BE ATTACKING THE PLACE. She questions people's trust for the leaders. And then... Giant Grimm are seen attacking the Arena place, people are evacuating, Grimm are everywhere, Roman Torchwick gets freed from prison by Neo, Adam and the White Fang are there, and Episode 9 ends with a giant Grimm coming out of a ship. Like I said earlier, crap is getting real. A decent amount of this was foreshadowed in the opening, in the lyrics, in the faces of the characters, and the images of the Grimm attacking everywhere. I better see some Adam and Blake interaction soon! Some Ruby development! More Yang development! Some Raven Branwen!  And a full explanation for WTH is going on!

Peace out and have a ruffin day!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Naruto Part III: When Milking Goes Too Far+ Filler BS

Hello, YanderePanda here! Let's start off 2016 strong on SnarkyButtSass with a... *Drumroll RANT ON NARUTO. THE FILLERS AND THE CONSTANT MILKING HAS GONE TOO FAR.

As all of you may know, Naruto is currently in what one calls "Infinite Filleromi". Let me elaborate, for those who do NOT know. Basically, the Naruto animation studio people, have been making all these filler episodes for the Naruto anime, just random episodes that have nothing to do with the canon manga material. Naruto's always been well known for its fillers. Fillers are often made when the anime adaption starts to catch up too close to the manga. However, it is problematic because people have these episodes that are shoved down their throats- episodes that are not very relevant to the story, since it's not quite canon material. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind a filler or two here and there, if it's to showcase some character that hasn't had much spotlight or attention, or perhaps to explain some concept, or just show in general what the characters are doing when there isn't a main conflict. 

Fillers become problematic when the animation studios are being buttfaces. Sometimes they do it for more revenue, and a few times I have seen "special" episodes of certain anime that showcase "a certain part of a story from some other character's point of view"...

Other times, there are just way too many fillers and there are just so many episodes, that the audience just becomes bored of the constant cliff hangers and the constant flashbacks and backstories and whatnot, and then back to the main story and so on. This was the reason why the Bleach anime had negative reception: Fillers.
What irks me the most, is the fact that... THE NARUTO MANGA SERIES IS OVER. (for the most part. The main story at least.) Why the crap are people making episodes about random characters in different worlds and universes, when we have... THE MOST ANTICIPATED BATTLES THAT NEED TO BE ANIMATED. Where the crap is our Naruto+Sasuke vs. Madara battle? Where is our Kaguya stuff? Where is our NARUTO VS. SASUKE FIGHT??? Instead, we get freaking episodes about "Sasuke in a police force"... The Manga has been over for quite some time now, so the "Fillers are there so the anime can't catch up to the manga" stuff is irrelevant. Another thing is that the Fillers are actually pretty well animated and have pretty good quality. WHY DON'T YOU DO THIS FOR THE FIGHTS AND THE ENDING OF THE MAIN SERIES?! Also, in the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2015, THERE HAVE ONLY BEEN 8 CANON EPISODES.  KEEP IN MIND THAT EPISODES HAVE BEEN COMING OUT ALMOST EVERY WEEK.
Studio Pierrot, the very studio that animates Naruto, have you ever asked yourselves this, when you proposed THIS GENIUS DECISION?
  • Is it Smart?
  • Is it Wise?
  • Did you people THINK of your annoyed fanbase?
    Did any of you THINK of the consequences?
  • Did any of you believe that Naruto will start to lose even more of its fanbase???

Here's another bombshell: NARUTO MAY NOT HAVE CANON EPISODES UNTIL 2017.
As much as I love Itachi, enough is enough. WE NEED THE REAL CONTENT. REAL, CANON MATERIAL THAT IS ADAPTED STRAIGHT FROM THE FLIPPING MANGA. An Itachi anime is the last thing we need. What's next? An anime about that pig, Ton-Ton? I've seen so much salt in the Facebook Comments whenever the Naruto page posts something about their latest filler episode. It's actually quite entertaining to look at the snarkiness of my peers and fellow Naruto fans. People are clearly upset about this monstrosity, you might as well get your **** together and fix this. People are clearly stating that they won't watch the filler episodes and will focus on better anime in the works. Seriously, what the heck, man? I get that they want more revenue, but is losing a bunch of your fanbase really worth it? You're just milking the cow dry, bro.
And speaking of milking, lemme get to another topic that concerns me and my inner fangirl and all of you other fangirls and fanboys. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS NARUTO PART III BS? Naruto is fine the way it is in terms of material. Just end the **** thing already. I was fine with Boruto: Naruto the Movie and the 10 bonus chapters. But enough is enough. We don't need a serious Naruto Part III and we don't need anymore movies. As much as I love Sarada, a Sarada movie just ain't cutting the cheese for me. This isn't DBZ where there are countless heaps and heaps of series that just keep milking and milking.

Another thing: KISHIMOTO ISN'T EVEN WRITING NARUTO PART III MANGA. It's some other dude! Are you telling me that some random dude who is NOT THE AUTHOR OF NARUTO is writing Canon material? GTFO. GOD BLESS AMERICA. This madness has to stop. We don't need anymore of this. Naruto already went downhill after the Pain Arc in Part II, with some moments that were pretty great. WE don't need a continuation of what made Naruto go downhill... Much less anything from someone who isn't even Kishimoto. What is this? A fanfiction that is becoming close to the real thing?

Suppose we have a Naruto Part III. It would be about the new generation of Naruto, aka the children of the main people. The biggest issue here is the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are still around. They set the bar up so high. Clearly the most powerful villains in the universe were defeated by them. What kinda conflict would happen in Part III that would set the basis in the story, that Naruto and Sasuke cannot be a part of? Naruto was already nerfed enough in those freaking ten chapters. Don't nerf him anymore. I don't understand how it can really focus on the children, if Naruto and Sasuke were practically gods by the end of Naruto Part II. What can you do about the new generation, something that makes them so special, that THEY are the ones who are solving the problems? I understand that Boruto and Sarada are pretty overpowered children, with their lineages, but how can they ever surpass Naruto and Sasuke? What, are you going to have the Sage give THEM powers too??? More powerup BS I see. This isn't Fairy Tail. Ooooh, shade!

Given the fact that Naruto Part III is coming out, they would probably make an anime adaption of that. Wouldn't surprise me if they made an anime adaption of that, before they even adapt Naruto Part II's ending. It wouldn't be surprising to have a Sarada the Movie. What's next? Mitsuki the Movie? Just how far is the Naruto series going to go? I don't want to see it become a DBZ kinda deal. I don't want to see such the great anime/manga from Part I turn even worse after Part II into this ****hole. Get your **** together, Studio Pierrot, Kishi, the other people involved with this. Don't make it into something that drives all of your fans away.

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KPOP: Top 15 Groups in 2k15!!

KPOP: Top 15 Groups in 2k15!!

I think the KPOP realm was all over the place this year, there were some hits, and some misses. But that is something that is always bound to happen. The rookie groups were crazy to be honest. If you thought choreography could get anymore coordinated, it did. Veteran groups were also leaving their mark this year. So IN MY OPINION, in not any particular order, lets look at the year in review. 


EXID really killed it in 2014 with their hit song "Up and Down". And since then, they've made a name for themselves in the industry. I've become a huge fan of each of the members! They've been on numerous variety shows this year. This year they made two comebacks, "Ah Yeah" and "Hot Pink".  I can say I was more of a fan of "Ah Yeah", but this group definitely deserves to be on this list. 

2. Girls Generation

I think a lot of people were expects Girl Generation to be on this list. Their comeback was huge!  Taeyeon had her solo debut and TaeTiSeo had their comeback too. I was really happy, and all the songs were really good and are totally worth listening too.  "Lionheart" is probably my favorite though. :)

3. DAY6

DAY6's "Congratulations" was one of my favorite songs this year. This was actually a band, not just random pretty boys singing and dancing. I heard that JYP really wanted the band to make a name for themselves, not just have the backing of a big label. And I think they've started off on a good note. *cue applause* Keep it up boys! ^^


Shake it, shake it for me! Can I say like this was maybe the catchiest song of the year? Tbh, I don't think I liked it. But maybe it was because I prefer a lot of their other songs. "Touch My Body" anyone? But who cares what I think. South Korea loved it! I think that's what makes it successful! Woo Hoo! I'll go sing "Touch My Body" somewhere else. 

5. 4Minute

4Minutes comeback was "Crazy", not because it's the name of the song. But I don't think that I was that much of a fan of them until I heard this. I loved it, and it was like that bad@$$ vibe that we needed to start of the year. Also, was one of the most viewed Kpop videos of the year! Woot woot. 

6. Big Bang

Yay, Big Bang! Woohoo! Enough said. The fangirl in me says to move on before I go crazy. XD. Go read another blog if you want this review. 

7. BTS

I love BTS. I LOOOOVE BTS. More because I saw their debut performance when it first came out, and I was like, "They are the hidden diamond of Kpop, they will be big." No, I'm not saying that because it happened, but I really thought they were amazing.  They won so many awards this year, and made a name for themselves in the music industry. They are one of the biggest successes this year. And I have developed a FANGIRL CRUSH over JungKook, if you were wondering. I mean, the video below, JungKook's dancing is pretty awesome. 


So many of you might not know this, but the girls from this group had to win a survival show in order to be in TWICE, called SIXTEEN. JYP and the numbers never fail to crack me up. But they are really talented, and I really like them. I'm keeping my eye on them in 2016 (Hahahaha). 


So YanderePanda knows my love for Leo. And probably the extent of how much I fangirl over him. But VIXX did quite well this year, with their comeback Chained Up. Two of the members are involved in Kdrama's, and VIXX's Ravi was in "Show Me The Money". I'd say overall it was big for VIXX, and I think more people should listen to their music, like "Error"

10.  GOT7

You could say I wasn't expecting much about Got7. I guess in my opinion, they appeared like any other boy group. This song is clearly one of their best! Fangirl's might be throwing bricks at me now, but I HONESTLY enjoyed "If You Do". I listen to it all the time. And dancing doesn't get more coordinated then this. Let's be real.

11. Miss A

I've always felt that Miss A was under appreciated in KPOP, but this was the year that the feeling was cleared. "Only You" was catchy and the dancing was on point. Probably one of the best comebacks of the year. Miss A is truly an amazing group, and I'm glad this year was great for them! ^^ YOU GO GIRLS!!!!!!

12. Seventeen

How could we forget the monster rookie group this year? Seventeen is clearly one of the best. "Mansae" made it to one of the top songs. It's catchiness and cringe worthy lyrics made it my favorite, and my heart go "Ba dump Ba dump". But enough about that. This group has 13 people (remind you of Super Junior anyone), and it was to my surprise that each member was incredibly skilled. You could tell that they worked their behinds off, and I'm giving them lots of credit for this!!! YAS!

13. AOA

This group grew on me this year. I used to look down on them, but the more I listened to their songs, the more I really liked them. AOA's "Heart Attack" was probably one of the best summer songs of the year. 

14. iKON

iKON definitely won in the most anticipated comebacks this year. Many people know this, but if you don't iKON's current members were on two survival shows (Bobby and B.I. were on 3 if you count "Show Me The Money", Bobby actually won the show!). Their company also is home to Big Bang, Psy, and 2NE1, and WINNER,  if that's any indicator on good people expect them to be. You know, people would argue that their comeback was not up to the mark, but I'd disagree. Their comeback really had me sold. Not because of the fact that they are teenage boys about my age, but that their songs were really good. But of course, I'll let others make that decision. "My Type" is the video above. 

15. Wonder Girls

"Nobody, nobody, but you!" Yep, Wonder Girls made a comeback! People were all "Gee, I don't know. Didn't like people leave and what not?" Even loyal fans were skeptical. They came back with 4 members, and surprisingly SunMi cameback as part of the Wonder Girls! WooHoo! "I Feel You" was an amazing song in my opinion. It has a very different vibe then many of their other songs. It really shows that they aren't done with Kpop, and still are strong! Hwaiting!!!

So there you have it folks, the groups of 2k15! Feel free to let me know in the comments what you think, groups I've missed out on! Like I said, it is my opinion, so angsty comments are not appreciated :) See you in 2k16 with a new list! COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO SnarkyButtSass!!!-NotYourBlendedFruit

Panda Plays: Yandere Simulator

Yes, I know what you're thinking. YanderePanda's first video game blog post is about YANDERE SIMULATOR? The very game that is pretty well-known amongst Youtubers and Youtube gamers such as Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Azzman, etc. Well, since my user IS YanderePanda, I'm a YANDERE, I'm a gamer, I review games, and YANDERE SIMULATOR DESCRIBES MY LIFE, then why not blog about it? Also, I will support anyone trying to make a game on their own, without a company. As an aspiring game developer/creator who has created concepts and all that other good jazz for making games, I respect anyone who is trying to do everything on his or her own.
For those of you who are non-otakus and are unfamiliar with the term "Yandere", it basically is a person who appears normal/cute/sweet and when their loved one is threatened/rivals appear/stuff like that, they go INSANE. Yanderes are often violent, obsessed, stalkerish, murderous, and have many methods of doing so. (AKA moi. NOBODY TOUCHES MY SENPAI. NOBODY. *dismembers anyone in my way and mutilates their corpses.) As some of you may know already, Yandere Simulator is basically a game where you play as a mentally-insane high school girl who is obsessed with a boy, named Senpai. She will stop at NOTHING to win him over, using any methods of manipulation to keep rivals away from him. So basically, you play in this high school setting, over the course of five days a week, to eliminate any rivals from confessing to Senpai. Now, the game isn't fully developed yet, and according to YandereDev, (the wonderful man who created this game.) it's only 13% done. So far there's only one rival, that you cannot eliminate yet, but, you are able to murder anyone you wish, except for the Teachers and Senpai of course.

Main Features of the Game

Warning: Some rather graphic images

Methods of Elimination Include:


With katanas, knives, screwdrivers, scissors, boxcutters
Note: After you murder someone or multiple people, you have to cover up your tracks. Do so by burning bodies in a conveniently placed incinerator, mopping up blood with conveniently placed mops and buckets, wearing gloves to remove fingerprints on weapons, etc. However, some methods of elimination do not require anything, such as drowning, electrocution, faking suicide notes,  etc.

How's the water? Hello? Oh right, you're dead.

Pushing off the building
Doing so will fake a suicide. One can also leave fake suicide notes.

Basically, you have to wait in a bathroom with a bucket of water, dump it on the victim, unscrew the lights with a screwdriver, and watch the magic happen. Isn't it beautiful? Watching the electricity flow through a skeleton and just slowly, painfully, take the life out of them. Hehehehe. As they scream in pain... Hehehe

When one has access to poison, under certain conditions, one can poison the victim's bento. And they will choke to death... Slowly, painfully, and lifelessly. It's quite satisfying to see one choke to death, especially a rival for MY SENPAI.

One can have access to a tranquilizer, get a peer to follow Yandere-Chan, attack the victim, and trap him/her in a music case thing and trap him/her in the basement.
After trapping him/her in the basement, it is possible for Yandere-Chan to torture the victim to the point where he/she becomes a MIND SLAVE. The Mind Slave can be taken to school, given a weapon, and be used to murder other students. If only I knew how to mentally torture someone for 24 hours. My life would be a lot easier. Hehehe.

This girl is everyone's favorite punching bag. PEOPLE HATE HER. And it's possible to post some bad stuff about her on social media, gossip about her to destroy her reputation, etc. It is stated when the game is completed, that if one's reputation is -150, Senpai will reject the rival. Also, it is possible to bully to the point where the rival hangs herself. Kinda cruel, I know.
So far, one can only frame the Punching Bag. One can do so with gloves, taking her cooking knife, and murdering people with the knife, so the cops arrest her.

There's also the method of setting the Rival up with a different dude, but it hasn't been implemented yet. There may be even MORE methods of elimination.

There are also other aspects of the game, such as School Atmosphere, Reputation, Study Points, and Sanity Meter. 
School Atmosphere
Depending on how Yandere-Chan decides to dispose of the love-rivals for Senpai or any other random students, the school atmosphere can change. If one decides to brutally murder people, allow students to discover blood splatters, dead bodies, etc, unexplained suicides, or any other traumatic events, the school atmosphere can change. Over time, the setting would become darker, students will start to appear more paranoid and freaked out, etc. If it becomes obvious that a serial killer is on the loose, then students will clearly become more paranoid and it will be harder to sneak up on students and kill them. Music will also change. So basically, it's a horror game in a nut shell when this happens.
The only way to restore the school atmosphere, is to frame someone for murder and have that person arrested. It's also possible for it to restore over time if Yandere-Chan doesn't do anymore suspicious activities, according to the Wikia.

As I said earlier, Yanderes typically are not evidently insane to the naked eye. Just like how I don't appear remarkably crazy to the common people... (At least I THINK I don't. Hehehe) Reputation starts out neutral at first, and can be increased by complimenting students and decreased by gossiping. Higher the population, higher the popularity of Yandere-Chan and it's easier to get the students to follow her... AKA easier to MURDER. It's also possible to gain reputation back after gossiping, by apologizing to the students.  If Yandere-Chan is seen murdering someone by another student, her reputation will decrease. MURDER THE WITNESSES. YES. DO IT. There are also many other ways to decrease the reputation, but some are quite obvious. I mean... Being SEEN holding a giant katana isn't going to earn you any brownie points. Just Super Saiyan. OH, speaking of Super Saiyan...
ma bud, Markiplier was er... Experimenting. Quite a few Easter Eggs in this game.

Study Points
We're in school, right? School isn't ALL about Senpais, Love-Rivals, Social stuff, and murdering, right? Simply go to class on time to allocate Study Points in any subjects. Levelling up in them will be beneficial to your love live. Aka, MORE METHODS OF MURDERING. 

Biology- Less blood dropped. (Sad, I know, but it makes cleaning it up so much easier. Why don't we just get like some electric mop thing to clean stuff instantly, so we can have as many blood baths as possible?) Also, you get access to a tranquilizer that one can use for kidnapping.
Chemistry- Allows you to have knowledge of poisons and other murderous things in this particular field of science. So far, you only have access to poison, but other things can be done later as the game develops further. I'm expecting some grenades, nuclear explosives, etc. We need Yandere-Chan to be a all-out Yuno Gasai here.
Language- Allows you to create fake suicide notes and love notes. I'm sure more will be added here later on, but it makes things interesting.
Physical Education- Levelling up in this will increase Yandere-Chan's strength and running speed. She can carry corpses and run at the same time, run faster, etc. Strength makes things easier to drag and push around, and some students may try to fight Yandere-Chan if they witness her going all crazy. With enough strength, she can fight them back.
Psychology- It's currently unprogrammed, but levelling up in this supposedly would buff reputation and gossiping, making torturing easier, and just boosting social interactions in general. 
I personally recommend maxing all of these out, and these can stack up if you keep resetting the day over and over again and just regoing to class. DO IT FOR LOVE. FOR NARNIAAAAAA!

Sanity Meter

Basically, if Yandere-Chan does some "unethical" actions, (Note the quotation marks.) her sanity levels will decrease. As she goes more and more into Yandere-Mode, she will start to show signs of insanity. She will twitch, her eyes start to get all strange, etc. IF Senpai or Teacher see her visibly insane, it's automatic Game Over. It's also evidence for the police if some murder happens. To decrease Sanity, you must stand by Senpai, (But not get noticed by him... If you get noticed too much by him, he will get creeped out and reject you) look at pictures of Senpai, or laugh hysterically. Yes. Hysterically.


Overall, a very interesting game to play. You murder people, in very creative ways, with so many different features and aspects to the game that makes it unique. Very impressive, for just one person who has created the game all on his own. I cannot give the game a review yet since it's not finished, but so far, I will just provide the main ideas of this wondrous specimen.
Taken Straight from my Laptop
Yes. Panties can affect you. Choose wisely.

Because everyone needs these. *lenny face

General Reactions

As seen in some of the Youtube Senpai Gameplay Videos, one can tell that most people would have similar reactions. Reactions like... WTH IS THIS. Murder? Laughter? Senpai? Stalking? EVERYTHING. My reactions weren't too different. It was quite enjoyable to watch Yandere-Chan murder random victims with various weapons that conveniently were lying around the entrance of the school for her usage. I love the random conveniences that are around everywhere that one can use for his or her love life. The Easter Eggs such as Titan Mode, Slender Mode, etc were quite enjoyable to watch. And then... There's the whole getting-naked-in-the-locker-room-and-washing-the-the-blood-off-you-and-burning-things-in-the-incinerator. Luckily, there are clouds that cover up a female's unmentionables. Yeah. This ain't hentai, PERVS. 
And burnt their corpses in a furnace.

Unfortunately in this game, the objective is NOT to get him to notice you. It's to ruin his love life so only I CAN HAVE HIM.

In terms of genres, I have no idea what to classify this game as. A horror/action/simulation game where you stalk people by taking pictures of them, crawl around everywhere, get naked, go to school, find erotic manga to seduce people with, find people's missing bras *stares at the Miku Doppelganger, find mysterious tapes to discover the lore behind the game, etc. It's definitely quite the melting pot of different aspects and genres, making it a very entertaining and enjoyable game to play. (now if only I could put actual people's faces into the game and take my anger out on the NPC's and MURDER THEM FOR REVENGE. ie. Putting Justin Bieber's face onto the body of one of the male students and viciously and relentlessly tearing him from limb to limb. Justin:  WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Me: *holds knife. Justin: YOU WANNA KILL ME? Me: Yes. Justin: WHAT DO YOU MEANNNN. WHEN YOU WANNA SAY YES, BUT YOU WANNA SAY NOOOOOO.) (I would also put Chris Evan's face onto Senpai's body. Because... *fans self. Abs._. Oh, and PSA, MEMETRASH DOESN'T FIND CAPTAIN AMERICA ATTRACTIVE. *shuns.) 
Download Link:

Go support YandereDev! NOTICE ME DEVPAI

Peace out!