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Welcome to SnarkyButtSass!

We are a group of buddies from an awesomesauce place that is somewhere over the rainbow! Here, you will meet our three contributors and what we will write about in this awesomesauce blog! Yes, I know awesomesauce isn't a word, but if I use it three times, it will become one!


NotYourBlendedFruit is the self-proclaimed "Watcher of Drama's". Prefer's Korean to all the other ones. Has a place in her heart for pretty boys, and doesn't fall for the average male lead. Also deemed "Queen of Memes" by her fellow comrades and is the main meme maker for SnarkyButtSass. She has a thing for throwing shade at Memetrash, but it is fo shizzle. She is your designated commentator/ranter/blogger about Asian Dramas as that will be her main medium

Height: 175 cm Weight: I dare you to try Talent: Ambidextrous Favorite Food(s): Pizza and Frappachinos and Noodles


YanderePanda is the self-proclaimed "Panda Enthusiast", with a liking towards emojis and anything cute. She can be tame, but violent and with a tendency to rant and get very sassy and sarcastic. Usually shows a more calm and in control facade, but it is the opposite online. She loves art, writing stories and screenplays, video games, anime, movies, books, shows, and is part of many fandoms, being an aspiring game maker. She is known for her sarcastic, dry, violent, and dark sense of humor and has a thing for internet humor as well. She is your commentator/ranter/spieler for Anime (Mainly Shonen), Movies (Fantasy and Action mainly), Video Games (RPGs and Adventure mainly), Books, TV Shows, and nerdy stuff in general with some insight on Society. A Panda with a lot of passions and grudges. NotYourBlendedFruit and Memetrash are part of her squad.

Current Fandoms: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lunar Chronicles, Throne of Glass, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, RWBY, Most Nintendo Franchises, A ton of Anime/Manga, Older TV Shows, Kung Fu Panda, Some Disney, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and more that she cannot currently think off of the top of my head, as she is the one creating this whole post, as the other two have advised her on what to say for this darn thing.


Memetrash has no idea what is going on and will blog about how she has no idea what is going on. Yoloswagga is her motto. Her long term goal is to Defeat NotYourBlendedFruit For Good. She will commentate accordingly with her fandoms and society as needed. Her passions are fueled by sciency stuff and thoughts on society along with some insight on fandoms. Like the other two, she is also sassy and snarky.

Take a look at our spiels/rants/commentary/etc, and enjoy the ride.

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