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For those of you who are blissfully unaware of the coalition of human trash known as 'meninists', Urban Dictionary states: 
Meninism is a mockery of feminism and proves that we can't request equality without white
men making everything about themselves.
by velvetcrowbar November 12, 2014

(Thank you, user Velvetcrowbar. I couldn't have said it better.)

'Meninism' originated as a silly, none-too-harmful (or so I naively assumed) Twitter account that 'parodied' feminism by stating instances in which women have 'rights' that men do not have; an example being, "Why doesn't the woman have to do a pregnancy test to check if the baby is hers?" Of course, I was a little bit uncomfortable even when I assumed the account was created by feminists looking for a laugh. If a person truly believed in feminism, I thought, they would take it seriously. To make a joke account would be undermining the effectiveness of the movement.

Sadly, my intuition was correct, and Meninsim spiraled out of control. Why do I always have to be right? In fact, I had my first public sighting of a kid wearing his meninist shirt yesterday. I was repulsed. I sincerely hope somebody slapped him. 

Being A FEMALE and a Tumblr user at the origin of neo-feminism in May of 2014, I was quick to become an aggressive feminist. I mean, women already have to deal with periods and pregnancies and looking over our shoulders at night to make sure we don't get raped :):):) We literally make up 50 percent of the population. Why should we have fewer opportunities than our fellow non-women? Feminism is not about matriarchy, although I would casually joke that I am 100 percent okay with that. In the west, feminism is simply about empowering women in an undeniably patriarchal society. One thing should be kept in mind for all the nonbelievers: feminism is the reason women can vote.

Now, why are meninists human trash? Good question! After some playful, harmless Tweets that sounded like a joke, @MeninistTweet started getting ACTUAL RECEPTION from MEN'S RIGHT ACTIVISTS (the most ignorant group of whiny white boys in existence). The account garnered multiple copycat accounts who were sincere in their whinings. I have no idea whether the administrators of the original MeninistTweet actually believe the disgusting things they post, or if they simply play to their disgusting-er audience. Whichever it may be, the Meninist account has posted despicable things that condone slut shaming, raping women, abusing girlfriends, drugging drinks, and attacking feminists. 

None of the content is so called "men's rights activism" anymore. It is sheer misogyny. What did women do to deserve the further abused? Oh, that's right: we stood up for ourselves. Typical of men to get all defensive and make a mockery of women who defend their human rights. Why didn't women get to vote when men did again?

Well, I could go on for hours but I'll spare you all.

Go, friends. Defeat the patriarchy.

memetrash out.

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