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Panda Plays: Yandere Simulator

Yes, I know what you're thinking. YanderePanda's first video game blog post is about YANDERE SIMULATOR? The very game that is pretty well-known amongst Youtubers and Youtube gamers such as Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Azzman, etc. Well, since my user IS YanderePanda, I'm a YANDERE, I'm a gamer, I review games, and YANDERE SIMULATOR DESCRIBES MY LIFE, then why not blog about it? Also, I will support anyone trying to make a game on their own, without a company. As an aspiring game developer/creator who has created concepts and all that other good jazz for making games, I respect anyone who is trying to do everything on his or her own.
For those of you who are non-otakus and are unfamiliar with the term "Yandere", it basically is a person who appears normal/cute/sweet and when their loved one is threatened/rivals appear/stuff like that, they go INSANE. Yanderes are often violent, obsessed, stalkerish, murderous, and have many methods of doing so. (AKA moi. NOBODY TOUCHES MY SENPAI. NOBODY. *dismembers anyone in my way and mutilates their corpses.) As some of you may know already, Yandere Simulator is basically a game where you play as a mentally-insane high school girl who is obsessed with a boy, named Senpai. She will stop at NOTHING to win him over, using any methods of manipulation to keep rivals away from him. So basically, you play in this high school setting, over the course of five days a week, to eliminate any rivals from confessing to Senpai. Now, the game isn't fully developed yet, and according to YandereDev, (the wonderful man who created this game.) it's only 13% done. So far there's only one rival, that you cannot eliminate yet, but, you are able to murder anyone you wish, except for the Teachers and Senpai of course.

Main Features of the Game

Warning: Some rather graphic images

Methods of Elimination Include:


With katanas, knives, screwdrivers, scissors, boxcutters
Note: After you murder someone or multiple people, you have to cover up your tracks. Do so by burning bodies in a conveniently placed incinerator, mopping up blood with conveniently placed mops and buckets, wearing gloves to remove fingerprints on weapons, etc. However, some methods of elimination do not require anything, such as drowning, electrocution, faking suicide notes,  etc.

How's the water? Hello? Oh right, you're dead.

Pushing off the building
Doing so will fake a suicide. One can also leave fake suicide notes.

Basically, you have to wait in a bathroom with a bucket of water, dump it on the victim, unscrew the lights with a screwdriver, and watch the magic happen. Isn't it beautiful? Watching the electricity flow through a skeleton and just slowly, painfully, take the life out of them. Hehehehe. As they scream in pain... Hehehe

When one has access to poison, under certain conditions, one can poison the victim's bento. And they will choke to death... Slowly, painfully, and lifelessly. It's quite satisfying to see one choke to death, especially a rival for MY SENPAI.

One can have access to a tranquilizer, get a peer to follow Yandere-Chan, attack the victim, and trap him/her in a music case thing and trap him/her in the basement.
After trapping him/her in the basement, it is possible for Yandere-Chan to torture the victim to the point where he/she becomes a MIND SLAVE. The Mind Slave can be taken to school, given a weapon, and be used to murder other students. If only I knew how to mentally torture someone for 24 hours. My life would be a lot easier. Hehehe.

This girl is everyone's favorite punching bag. PEOPLE HATE HER. And it's possible to post some bad stuff about her on social media, gossip about her to destroy her reputation, etc. It is stated when the game is completed, that if one's reputation is -150, Senpai will reject the rival. Also, it is possible to bully to the point where the rival hangs herself. Kinda cruel, I know.
So far, one can only frame the Punching Bag. One can do so with gloves, taking her cooking knife, and murdering people with the knife, so the cops arrest her.

There's also the method of setting the Rival up with a different dude, but it hasn't been implemented yet. There may be even MORE methods of elimination.

There are also other aspects of the game, such as School Atmosphere, Reputation, Study Points, and Sanity Meter. 
School Atmosphere
Depending on how Yandere-Chan decides to dispose of the love-rivals for Senpai or any other random students, the school atmosphere can change. If one decides to brutally murder people, allow students to discover blood splatters, dead bodies, etc, unexplained suicides, or any other traumatic events, the school atmosphere can change. Over time, the setting would become darker, students will start to appear more paranoid and freaked out, etc. If it becomes obvious that a serial killer is on the loose, then students will clearly become more paranoid and it will be harder to sneak up on students and kill them. Music will also change. So basically, it's a horror game in a nut shell when this happens.
The only way to restore the school atmosphere, is to frame someone for murder and have that person arrested. It's also possible for it to restore over time if Yandere-Chan doesn't do anymore suspicious activities, according to the Wikia.

As I said earlier, Yanderes typically are not evidently insane to the naked eye. Just like how I don't appear remarkably crazy to the common people... (At least I THINK I don't. Hehehe) Reputation starts out neutral at first, and can be increased by complimenting students and decreased by gossiping. Higher the population, higher the popularity of Yandere-Chan and it's easier to get the students to follow her... AKA easier to MURDER. It's also possible to gain reputation back after gossiping, by apologizing to the students.  If Yandere-Chan is seen murdering someone by another student, her reputation will decrease. MURDER THE WITNESSES. YES. DO IT. There are also many other ways to decrease the reputation, but some are quite obvious. I mean... Being SEEN holding a giant katana isn't going to earn you any brownie points. Just Super Saiyan. OH, speaking of Super Saiyan...
ma bud, Markiplier was er... Experimenting. Quite a few Easter Eggs in this game.

Study Points
We're in school, right? School isn't ALL about Senpais, Love-Rivals, Social stuff, and murdering, right? Simply go to class on time to allocate Study Points in any subjects. Levelling up in them will be beneficial to your love live. Aka, MORE METHODS OF MURDERING. 

Biology- Less blood dropped. (Sad, I know, but it makes cleaning it up so much easier. Why don't we just get like some electric mop thing to clean stuff instantly, so we can have as many blood baths as possible?) Also, you get access to a tranquilizer that one can use for kidnapping.
Chemistry- Allows you to have knowledge of poisons and other murderous things in this particular field of science. So far, you only have access to poison, but other things can be done later as the game develops further. I'm expecting some grenades, nuclear explosives, etc. We need Yandere-Chan to be a all-out Yuno Gasai here.
Language- Allows you to create fake suicide notes and love notes. I'm sure more will be added here later on, but it makes things interesting.
Physical Education- Levelling up in this will increase Yandere-Chan's strength and running speed. She can carry corpses and run at the same time, run faster, etc. Strength makes things easier to drag and push around, and some students may try to fight Yandere-Chan if they witness her going all crazy. With enough strength, she can fight them back.
Psychology- It's currently unprogrammed, but levelling up in this supposedly would buff reputation and gossiping, making torturing easier, and just boosting social interactions in general. 
I personally recommend maxing all of these out, and these can stack up if you keep resetting the day over and over again and just regoing to class. DO IT FOR LOVE. FOR NARNIAAAAAA!

Sanity Meter

Basically, if Yandere-Chan does some "unethical" actions, (Note the quotation marks.) her sanity levels will decrease. As she goes more and more into Yandere-Mode, she will start to show signs of insanity. She will twitch, her eyes start to get all strange, etc. IF Senpai or Teacher see her visibly insane, it's automatic Game Over. It's also evidence for the police if some murder happens. To decrease Sanity, you must stand by Senpai, (But not get noticed by him... If you get noticed too much by him, he will get creeped out and reject you) look at pictures of Senpai, or laugh hysterically. Yes. Hysterically.


Overall, a very interesting game to play. You murder people, in very creative ways, with so many different features and aspects to the game that makes it unique. Very impressive, for just one person who has created the game all on his own. I cannot give the game a review yet since it's not finished, but so far, I will just provide the main ideas of this wondrous specimen.
Taken Straight from my Laptop
Yes. Panties can affect you. Choose wisely.

Because everyone needs these. *lenny face

General Reactions

As seen in some of the Youtube Senpai Gameplay Videos, one can tell that most people would have similar reactions. Reactions like... WTH IS THIS. Murder? Laughter? Senpai? Stalking? EVERYTHING. My reactions weren't too different. It was quite enjoyable to watch Yandere-Chan murder random victims with various weapons that conveniently were lying around the entrance of the school for her usage. I love the random conveniences that are around everywhere that one can use for his or her love life. The Easter Eggs such as Titan Mode, Slender Mode, etc were quite enjoyable to watch. And then... There's the whole getting-naked-in-the-locker-room-and-washing-the-the-blood-off-you-and-burning-things-in-the-incinerator. Luckily, there are clouds that cover up a female's unmentionables. Yeah. This ain't hentai, PERVS. 
And burnt their corpses in a furnace.

Unfortunately in this game, the objective is NOT to get him to notice you. It's to ruin his love life so only I CAN HAVE HIM.

In terms of genres, I have no idea what to classify this game as. A horror/action/simulation game where you stalk people by taking pictures of them, crawl around everywhere, get naked, go to school, find erotic manga to seduce people with, find people's missing bras *stares at the Miku Doppelganger, find mysterious tapes to discover the lore behind the game, etc. It's definitely quite the melting pot of different aspects and genres, making it a very entertaining and enjoyable game to play. (now if only I could put actual people's faces into the game and take my anger out on the NPC's and MURDER THEM FOR REVENGE. ie. Putting Justin Bieber's face onto the body of one of the male students and viciously and relentlessly tearing him from limb to limb. Justin:  WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Me: *holds knife. Justin: YOU WANNA KILL ME? Me: Yes. Justin: WHAT DO YOU MEANNNN. WHEN YOU WANNA SAY YES, BUT YOU WANNA SAY NOOOOOO.) (I would also put Chris Evan's face onto Senpai's body. Because... *fans self. Abs._. Oh, and PSA, MEMETRASH DOESN'T FIND CAPTAIN AMERICA ATTRACTIVE. *shuns.) 
Download Link:

Go support YandereDev! NOTICE ME DEVPAI

Peace out!


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