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KPOP: Top 15 Groups in 2k15!!

KPOP: Top 15 Groups in 2k15!!

I think the KPOP realm was all over the place this year, there were some hits, and some misses. But that is something that is always bound to happen. The rookie groups were crazy to be honest. If you thought choreography could get anymore coordinated, it did. Veteran groups were also leaving their mark this year. So IN MY OPINION, in not any particular order, lets look at the year in review. 


EXID really killed it in 2014 with their hit song "Up and Down". And since then, they've made a name for themselves in the industry. I've become a huge fan of each of the members! They've been on numerous variety shows this year. This year they made two comebacks, "Ah Yeah" and "Hot Pink".  I can say I was more of a fan of "Ah Yeah", but this group definitely deserves to be on this list. 

2. Girls Generation

I think a lot of people were expects Girl Generation to be on this list. Their comeback was huge!  Taeyeon had her solo debut and TaeTiSeo had their comeback too. I was really happy, and all the songs were really good and are totally worth listening too.  "Lionheart" is probably my favorite though. :)

3. DAY6

DAY6's "Congratulations" was one of my favorite songs this year. This was actually a band, not just random pretty boys singing and dancing. I heard that JYP really wanted the band to make a name for themselves, not just have the backing of a big label. And I think they've started off on a good note. *cue applause* Keep it up boys! ^^


Shake it, shake it for me! Can I say like this was maybe the catchiest song of the year? Tbh, I don't think I liked it. But maybe it was because I prefer a lot of their other songs. "Touch My Body" anyone? But who cares what I think. South Korea loved it! I think that's what makes it successful! Woo Hoo! I'll go sing "Touch My Body" somewhere else. 

5. 4Minute

4Minutes comeback was "Crazy", not because it's the name of the song. But I don't think that I was that much of a fan of them until I heard this. I loved it, and it was like that bad@$$ vibe that we needed to start of the year. Also, was one of the most viewed Kpop videos of the year! Woot woot. 

6. Big Bang

Yay, Big Bang! Woohoo! Enough said. The fangirl in me says to move on before I go crazy. XD. Go read another blog if you want this review. 

7. BTS

I love BTS. I LOOOOVE BTS. More because I saw their debut performance when it first came out, and I was like, "They are the hidden diamond of Kpop, they will be big." No, I'm not saying that because it happened, but I really thought they were amazing.  They won so many awards this year, and made a name for themselves in the music industry. They are one of the biggest successes this year. And I have developed a FANGIRL CRUSH over JungKook, if you were wondering. I mean, the video below, JungKook's dancing is pretty awesome. 


So many of you might not know this, but the girls from this group had to win a survival show in order to be in TWICE, called SIXTEEN. JYP and the numbers never fail to crack me up. But they are really talented, and I really like them. I'm keeping my eye on them in 2016 (Hahahaha). 


So YanderePanda knows my love for Leo. And probably the extent of how much I fangirl over him. But VIXX did quite well this year, with their comeback Chained Up. Two of the members are involved in Kdrama's, and VIXX's Ravi was in "Show Me The Money". I'd say overall it was big for VIXX, and I think more people should listen to their music, like "Error"

10.  GOT7

You could say I wasn't expecting much about Got7. I guess in my opinion, they appeared like any other boy group. This song is clearly one of their best! Fangirl's might be throwing bricks at me now, but I HONESTLY enjoyed "If You Do". I listen to it all the time. And dancing doesn't get more coordinated then this. Let's be real.

11. Miss A

I've always felt that Miss A was under appreciated in KPOP, but this was the year that the feeling was cleared. "Only You" was catchy and the dancing was on point. Probably one of the best comebacks of the year. Miss A is truly an amazing group, and I'm glad this year was great for them! ^^ YOU GO GIRLS!!!!!!

12. Seventeen

How could we forget the monster rookie group this year? Seventeen is clearly one of the best. "Mansae" made it to one of the top songs. It's catchiness and cringe worthy lyrics made it my favorite, and my heart go "Ba dump Ba dump". But enough about that. This group has 13 people (remind you of Super Junior anyone), and it was to my surprise that each member was incredibly skilled. You could tell that they worked their behinds off, and I'm giving them lots of credit for this!!! YAS!

13. AOA

This group grew on me this year. I used to look down on them, but the more I listened to their songs, the more I really liked them. AOA's "Heart Attack" was probably one of the best summer songs of the year. 

14. iKON

iKON definitely won in the most anticipated comebacks this year. Many people know this, but if you don't iKON's current members were on two survival shows (Bobby and B.I. were on 3 if you count "Show Me The Money", Bobby actually won the show!). Their company also is home to Big Bang, Psy, and 2NE1, and WINNER,  if that's any indicator on good people expect them to be. You know, people would argue that their comeback was not up to the mark, but I'd disagree. Their comeback really had me sold. Not because of the fact that they are teenage boys about my age, but that their songs were really good. But of course, I'll let others make that decision. "My Type" is the video above. 

15. Wonder Girls

"Nobody, nobody, but you!" Yep, Wonder Girls made a comeback! People were all "Gee, I don't know. Didn't like people leave and what not?" Even loyal fans were skeptical. They came back with 4 members, and surprisingly SunMi cameback as part of the Wonder Girls! WooHoo! "I Feel You" was an amazing song in my opinion. It has a very different vibe then many of their other songs. It really shows that they aren't done with Kpop, and still are strong! Hwaiting!!!

So there you have it folks, the groups of 2k15! Feel free to let me know in the comments what you think, groups I've missed out on! Like I said, it is my opinion, so angsty comments are not appreciated :) See you in 2k16 with a new list! COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO SnarkyButtSass!!!-NotYourBlendedFruit

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