Monday, January 4, 2016

Naruto Part III: When Milking Goes Too Far+ Filler BS

Hello, YanderePanda here! Let's start off 2016 strong on SnarkyButtSass with a... *Drumroll RANT ON NARUTO. THE FILLERS AND THE CONSTANT MILKING HAS GONE TOO FAR.

As all of you may know, Naruto is currently in what one calls "Infinite Filleromi". Let me elaborate, for those who do NOT know. Basically, the Naruto animation studio people, have been making all these filler episodes for the Naruto anime, just random episodes that have nothing to do with the canon manga material. Naruto's always been well known for its fillers. Fillers are often made when the anime adaption starts to catch up too close to the manga. However, it is problematic because people have these episodes that are shoved down their throats- episodes that are not very relevant to the story, since it's not quite canon material. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind a filler or two here and there, if it's to showcase some character that hasn't had much spotlight or attention, or perhaps to explain some concept, or just show in general what the characters are doing when there isn't a main conflict. 

Fillers become problematic when the animation studios are being buttfaces. Sometimes they do it for more revenue, and a few times I have seen "special" episodes of certain anime that showcase "a certain part of a story from some other character's point of view"...

Other times, there are just way too many fillers and there are just so many episodes, that the audience just becomes bored of the constant cliff hangers and the constant flashbacks and backstories and whatnot, and then back to the main story and so on. This was the reason why the Bleach anime had negative reception: Fillers.
What irks me the most, is the fact that... THE NARUTO MANGA SERIES IS OVER. (for the most part. The main story at least.) Why the crap are people making episodes about random characters in different worlds and universes, when we have... THE MOST ANTICIPATED BATTLES THAT NEED TO BE ANIMATED. Where the crap is our Naruto+Sasuke vs. Madara battle? Where is our Kaguya stuff? Where is our NARUTO VS. SASUKE FIGHT??? Instead, we get freaking episodes about "Sasuke in a police force"... The Manga has been over for quite some time now, so the "Fillers are there so the anime can't catch up to the manga" stuff is irrelevant. Another thing is that the Fillers are actually pretty well animated and have pretty good quality. WHY DON'T YOU DO THIS FOR THE FIGHTS AND THE ENDING OF THE MAIN SERIES?! Also, in the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2015, THERE HAVE ONLY BEEN 8 CANON EPISODES.  KEEP IN MIND THAT EPISODES HAVE BEEN COMING OUT ALMOST EVERY WEEK.
Studio Pierrot, the very studio that animates Naruto, have you ever asked yourselves this, when you proposed THIS GENIUS DECISION?
  • Is it Smart?
  • Is it Wise?
  • Did you people THINK of your annoyed fanbase?
    Did any of you THINK of the consequences?
  • Did any of you believe that Naruto will start to lose even more of its fanbase???

Here's another bombshell: NARUTO MAY NOT HAVE CANON EPISODES UNTIL 2017.
As much as I love Itachi, enough is enough. WE NEED THE REAL CONTENT. REAL, CANON MATERIAL THAT IS ADAPTED STRAIGHT FROM THE FLIPPING MANGA. An Itachi anime is the last thing we need. What's next? An anime about that pig, Ton-Ton? I've seen so much salt in the Facebook Comments whenever the Naruto page posts something about their latest filler episode. It's actually quite entertaining to look at the snarkiness of my peers and fellow Naruto fans. People are clearly upset about this monstrosity, you might as well get your **** together and fix this. People are clearly stating that they won't watch the filler episodes and will focus on better anime in the works. Seriously, what the heck, man? I get that they want more revenue, but is losing a bunch of your fanbase really worth it? You're just milking the cow dry, bro.
And speaking of milking, lemme get to another topic that concerns me and my inner fangirl and all of you other fangirls and fanboys. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THIS NARUTO PART III BS? Naruto is fine the way it is in terms of material. Just end the **** thing already. I was fine with Boruto: Naruto the Movie and the 10 bonus chapters. But enough is enough. We don't need a serious Naruto Part III and we don't need anymore movies. As much as I love Sarada, a Sarada movie just ain't cutting the cheese for me. This isn't DBZ where there are countless heaps and heaps of series that just keep milking and milking.

Another thing: KISHIMOTO ISN'T EVEN WRITING NARUTO PART III MANGA. It's some other dude! Are you telling me that some random dude who is NOT THE AUTHOR OF NARUTO is writing Canon material? GTFO. GOD BLESS AMERICA. This madness has to stop. We don't need anymore of this. Naruto already went downhill after the Pain Arc in Part II, with some moments that were pretty great. WE don't need a continuation of what made Naruto go downhill... Much less anything from someone who isn't even Kishimoto. What is this? A fanfiction that is becoming close to the real thing?

Suppose we have a Naruto Part III. It would be about the new generation of Naruto, aka the children of the main people. The biggest issue here is the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are still around. They set the bar up so high. Clearly the most powerful villains in the universe were defeated by them. What kinda conflict would happen in Part III that would set the basis in the story, that Naruto and Sasuke cannot be a part of? Naruto was already nerfed enough in those freaking ten chapters. Don't nerf him anymore. I don't understand how it can really focus on the children, if Naruto and Sasuke were practically gods by the end of Naruto Part II. What can you do about the new generation, something that makes them so special, that THEY are the ones who are solving the problems? I understand that Boruto and Sarada are pretty overpowered children, with their lineages, but how can they ever surpass Naruto and Sasuke? What, are you going to have the Sage give THEM powers too??? More powerup BS I see. This isn't Fairy Tail. Ooooh, shade!

Given the fact that Naruto Part III is coming out, they would probably make an anime adaption of that. Wouldn't surprise me if they made an anime adaption of that, before they even adapt Naruto Part II's ending. It wouldn't be surprising to have a Sarada the Movie. What's next? Mitsuki the Movie? Just how far is the Naruto series going to go? I don't want to see it become a DBZ kinda deal. I don't want to see such the great anime/manga from Part I turn even worse after Part II into this ****hole. Get your **** together, Studio Pierrot, Kishi, the other people involved with this. Don't make it into something that drives all of your fans away.


  1. I try to not even think about this, because everytime I do I get so angry that I cry. I mean for real ? I bet the anime ends when I will have grandchildren.

  2. I try to not even think about this, because everytime I do I get so angry that I cry. I mean for real ? I bet the anime ends when I will have grandchildren.