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RWBY Volume 3: So Much Darker

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Alright, so Episode 9 of Volume 3 just came out yesterday for the Sponsors and for everyone else today. I just gotta say: HOLY FLYING POOP MONKEYS. In my last post about RWBY, I predicted that this Season would get so much darker, judging by the opening itself. There was so much buildup in the last few episodes, and this latest episode, Episode 9, is where the real crap is starting to happen. 

General Recap of Episodes 1-9

So Volume 3 starts with the Vytal Festival Tournament. It starts out relatively happy, like the first two volumes of the series. Happy carnivals and tournament matches to look forward to. So the tournament starts off with teams in the first round, then doubles, then single matches. We first see some of the other teams facing off against each other, along with RWBY.

We also see a few scenes here and there between episodes, with Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury up to stuff. Cinder was seen hijacking some of the matches and rigging the system, pitting specific people against each other. Emerald and Mercury are pitted up against this group of second years, Team CFVY.

Team CFVY ends up losing against Mercury and Emerald, and it's clear that something was rigged in the match: an illusion of some sort threw their team off base. Then we move onto the Singles matches, and we get Yang vs. Mercury. All goes well and Yang wins the match with her awesome Super Saiyanness.

However, after the match, Mercury attacks Yang and she defends herself by hitting his leg. Mercury is down on the ground, clearly pretty injured. And then, it's shown that the entire audience sees Yang just hitting Mercury, not Mercury trying to kick Yang first, making Yang look like the bad guy. She's disqualified from the tournament, and people have trouble believing her story, even Blake, her partner, and Qrow, her (Awesomesauceness) Uncle.
Before that, we got some other stuff going on behind the scenes. The story with the Seasonal Maidens. Basically, Headmaster Ozpin and his group call Pyrrha Nikos over (Yes, our poor girl who was badly friendzoned.) They talk to her about the Seasonal Maidens, these Four Maidens representing the four seasons, who were from an old fairytale. It's stated that each Maiden has a power and the power ends up passing down, a power that is stated to be very, very powerful. The powers of the Maidens pass from host to host upon the death of the current holder in a process that has been continuing for thousands of years. Under normal circumstances, the next Maiden, who is always a young woman, is the last person that the previous Maiden holds in her thoughts before she passes away. However, if the person in the dying Maiden's thoughts is male, too old, or not eligible to receive the power, the next host is chosen seemingly at random. This system apparently ensures that no one person can hold the power forever.
Ozpin and his group basically have Pyrrha come over to receive the Fall Maiden's power, as the current one is in some sort of comatose state. And to make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong hands, they will transfer it over to Pyrrha. Since they cannot transfer the power by natural means, with the Fall Maiden being unconscious, they will use technology to do it, but the consequences are unknown. Pyrrha is in a huge crisis at this point, as she doesn't know what will happen and she doesn't want this kind of power in the first place, because she's already treated differently for her superior abilities and she doesn't like the treatment. She doesn't know if she's going to be the same anymore once she receives the powers.
Luckily, Jaune comforts her, knowing that she's upset, but doesn't quite know what's up. But we get some cute Arkos moment though :)
Before that, we get a flashback type of episode, that explains what happened with Cinder. Basically, it shows how Cinder recruited Emerald and Mercury, and we get some darker moments, with Mercury murdering his own father for unknown reasons. Cinder tries to get Adam, the White Fang leader to work with her, also. And then it shows Cinder stealing some of the Fall Maiden's power, in a rather gruesome way, using some kind of spider thing to extract some of her abilities. However, before she can do the whole thing, Qrow comes out of nowhere and saves the Fall Maiden, even though she's unconscious and stays that way up until the current events of the show. Now, since Qrow saw Cinder, Mercury, and Emerald at that time, and the fact that they were also there at the tournament, some have been wondering why Qrow didn't recognize them right away. Since Emerald can make illusions, I'm assuming that she blurred the faces so Qrow cannot recognize them. Anyway, Cinder then bribes Adam to help her with her motives with money, Dust, and by slaughtering a lot of his men. Though her motives are still not quite clear.
(BTW, in case you haven't noticed, I'm not quite going in order of the episodes, as I'm trying to tie up the loose ends and summarize things.)
So then we get an episode of what happened after Yang's match. (Going back to the part where I said, "Blake and Qrow don't believe her!".) Yang's upset and even though Weiss and Ruby believe her, Blake wants to, but still doesn't quite trust her. She explains that it's because she had someone close to her that turned bad and became corrupted, and she doesn't want Yang to go through the same thing. (The person close to her is presumed to be Adam Taurus.) Yang wants to be left alone, and then she speaks with Qrow, who talks about Yang's mother, after Yang mentions that she saw her. There's still not much revealed about Raven Branwen, just that she talks to Qrow sometimes and that she will not save Yang the next time something like what happened in Volume 2 would happen. And that she's dangerous and has different views of the world. So, she's not the world's greatest mama.
Meanwhile, everyone believes that Mercury is still injured and is staying with his family. However, as Ruby goes back to the Tournament to watch the matches, she stumbles upon him, who is clearly standing and walking just fine. At the same time, Pyrrha's match with Penny, the robot, starts...A very bad matchup... Since Pyrrha has Polarity, meaning she can control metal, and Penny is a robot... It's pretty clear that the match won't go well.

So Episode 9 starts... And Mercury attacks Ruby. Unfortunately, she doesn't have her scythe with her so she can't do anything. Basically Ruby spends the time trying to run away and defend herself from him. And the match with Penny and Pyrrha begins. It looks like a pretty even fight, with Penny pulling out her Orianna, type robot techniques (Any League people here?). And Pyrrha has her awesome fighting abilities. And then... Dun dun da dunnnn, Illusions start to happen.

So Emerald makes it look like Penny has this giant barrage of swords. Pyrrha uses her Polarity, and then... S*** happens. Let's just say... Penny gets torn apart... In pieces...

And then everyone is like "WTH just happened!" . People are booing, it's just like the time when Yang went up against Mercury. Another Beacon student is shown doing something and badly taking out the opponent. Cinder then appears, broadcasting herself. She points out the fact that Ozpin has so much more power over the General of the Military, General Ironwood, the Beacon students are corrupt, pointing out that the leaders of the kingdoms and their tyrranical rule. She manipulates the audience into believing that Ozpin and Ironwood are manipulating a**holes, turning them against each other, She states that the kingdoms are at the brink of war, and the citizens are unaware of everything. WHILE GRIMM ARE SHOWN TO BE ATTACKING THE PLACE. She questions people's trust for the leaders. And then... Giant Grimm are seen attacking the Arena place, people are evacuating, Grimm are everywhere, Roman Torchwick gets freed from prison by Neo, Adam and the White Fang are there, and Episode 9 ends with a giant Grimm coming out of a ship. Like I said earlier, crap is getting real. A decent amount of this was foreshadowed in the opening, in the lyrics, in the faces of the characters, and the images of the Grimm attacking everywhere. I better see some Adam and Blake interaction soon! Some Ruby development! More Yang development! Some Raven Branwen!  And a full explanation for WTH is going on!

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